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Diversify the Intimate Life of Your Sims With Wicked Whims Mod!

Wicked Whims is a mod for The Sims 4 that adds a new level of realism to the game. It includes features such as realistic body types, genitalia, and pregnancy. It also adds new animations and interactions, making the game more realistic and enjoyable. It's one of the most comprehensive and well-made sex mods and WickedWhims is sure to add some spice to your game.


Interface is very user-friendly. It is easy to navigate and find what you are looking for. This is also well-organized, easy to install. Mod does a great job of walkthroughs and tutorials, making it easy to get started and Wicked Whims mod learn how to use all of features. There are also a number of well-designed custom menus that allow for easy access to all of the content. Everything is clearly labeled, there are helpful tooltips to guide you if you're not sure what something does.


It is fully compatible with The Sims 4, can be used without any problems. This also includes a detailed tutorial that explains how to use the mod and its features. This is compatible, download Wicked Whims expansions, and can be easily enabled or disabled in the game's settings. This also doesn't conflict with other mods, so you can easily use it with your other favorite mods.


This is a very functional. It adds Wicked Whims for free download makes it more enjoyable. This is also very stable and does not cause any crashes or errors. This is a highly functional one that adds a great deal of realism, detail to the act of sex. Animations are well done, mechanics are believable, making for a more enjoyable, believable experience. This also includes number of other features that add to the experience, such as the ability to customize positions, download Wicked Whims for PC locations, and clothing.


Support is very good. Developers are very active and respond quickly to any issues. Team is very responsive to questions and feedback, and they have a great community of users that are always willing to help. There is also a comprehensive FAQ, support forum that are very helpful in troubleshooting and Wicked Whims for free download getting the most out of the mod. They are also constantly updating the mod to add new features and fix any issues. Team also offers excellent customer support if you have any questions or problems.


  • This adds in-depth, fully customizable sexual interactions to The Sims 4.
  • It includes the ability to have sex in any position, with any compatible object, as well as the ability to add your own custom sex interactions.
  • This also features fully animated sex scenes, Wicked Whims for PC with realistic sex animations.
  • You can also customize your Sims’ genitals, pubic hair, and body hair, as well as their breast and butt size.
  • This is constantly updated with new features and improvements.


  1. How can I get it?
    You can download it directly from our website.
  2. What are the requirements?
    This requires a base game and all of its expansions Wicked Whims for Windows and game packs.
  3. What are the features?
    This adds a more realistic, detailed approach to sims' sexuality and sex lives. It includes features such as new sex animations, new sex interactions, and the ability to get pregnant without using cheats.
  4. Does it work with other mods?
    Yes, it is compatible with most other mods for The Sims 4.
  5. I'm having problems. Where can I get help?
    If you're having problems, you can get help by posting on our forums or contacting our support team.


It is easy to use, install, and it is very stable. Support is also very good. It's easy to install and use, and is compatible with all game packs, expansions. Team is also very active, Wicked Whims for Xbox one responsive, offers excellent customer support. If you're looking for a way to add some spice to a game, then it is definitely the mod for you.

Install Wicked Whims Mod on Windows PC